Old Computers

Stumbled across a website that has all manner of old computers on it. Got something of a kick out looking around it and figuring out which ones I had actually owned. Yes I actually had a Timex Sinclair 1000. I think I bought in 1984 or 83 but I’ve slept just a few times since then so I don’t remember the year exactly. I do definitely remember sitting and typing in programs from different magazines to make it do all sorts of cool things. Like there was a text based game where you were a cross country trucker and had to buy and sell cargo and keep your truck maintained. Ah those were the days. I of course had the massive 16k memory expansion pack and the cables so that I could s ave my precious basic programs to a cassette tape. What I didn’t have alas was the nifty thermal printer.

Some of the old computers that I had aren’t listed on oldcomputers.net though. I had a Commodore 16 and later a tandy 1000 hx. Found both of these at old-computers.com as opposed to dot net. Also found the trs-80 model I that we used in high school to learn basic programing. The computer room was right next to the room filled with typewriters and the typing teacher was also the computer teacher. I don’t even remember now what the class was called, Computer programming I think.